One of our clients said it well:
"My dear children, as a young boy my father told me stories about his journey traveling across the Atlantic Ocean and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. He told me stories about how he and my mother created a life in America; sadly, I wasn’t really listening. I was so absorbed in my own life that I did not pay close attention. When my dad died, standing over his grave, I realized that I never knew the details of how he became the man he was. His stories were lost, forever. I have commissioned Miographies to produce my history and story so that you will know you are part of a long chain of generations who..."

We believe if you are fortunate enough to pass on valuables to future generations,
it is even more important to preserve the values and stories
behind the material assets...
your greatest wealth resides within you.
Our memories are the one unique feature that each one of us possess -
our own personal DNA of the mind and heart.
This is a Miography.
Your story told in your words.

Your story, including photographs, is bound in a completely individualized designed book
telling the essential stories of your life.
Stories that may one day help your children and future generations
know that sharing our stories is not about our ego;
preserving our essential stories is a sacred and responsible act.

a Miography --- the ultimate gift of a life time.