To gather the stories of a life is a completely individualized, confidential process.
We are experts in helping you clarify and tell the compelling stories and insights you want to purposely transfer from one generation to the next.

Some clients elect for their children and grandchildren to submit questions prior to the interview;
others wish to do this quietly and leave it with their estate.
We never know when we might take our last breath; telling your story up to now,
and updating it through the years is a responsible option; multiple copies are easily created.
We personalize and individualize the process to fit your desire and needs.

The audio-taped interview is conducted wherever and however you are most comfortable. It
may take place in your home or another location; it always offers an opportunity for you to travel back into time and tell your story in your words from your perspective.

Most books average 200 pages.
The initial, foundational interview normally takes up to 12-hours of interviewing
over two consecutive days.
A compelling first draft, written in first or third-person narrative, is completed within seven months;
we often meet again to add more stories and
work our way to the final manuscript, just the way you want it. Exactly the way you want it.
You work with our graphics team to choose how your book will look.
We work with the finest archival book binders, paper-makers and graphic designers.
The process is efficient, meaningful and has been described ...

The telling of my story was frankly, one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. When the project was completed, I realized I was preserving an era that is rapidly disappearing. I want my children and future generations to really get it that money doesn’t grow on trees, we haven’t always had cell phones, and hard work and integrity pay off. In the telling of my story, I realized how many people influenced my life. I saw how one decision after another had consequences for the next phase of my life. I realized that my children never knew there were times when I was really afraid, and I loved being able to tell them how and why I made the decisions I did. I needed a expert guide to do this properly; Moe Ross and the entire Miographies team are first-class.