We all hold countless memories, reflections of events, choices, and people who have shaped our lives. We believe documenting your life story may be one of the most significant and meaningful legacies you can pass on to your family and future generations. Moe Ross, the founder of Miographies, produces with your participation, a written narrative of your life story --- bound and completely customized into exquisite heirloom volumes.

It's one thing to pass on your valuables to future generations;
it's quite another to also pass on your values ---
what mattered
who influenced you
where it all began
all from your point of view.

It's one thing to naturally share scenes from your life with your children;
it's quite another to deliberately share your life story
in an enduring, beautifully bound book
where your children, grandchildren and future generations
can turn each page
and pause...
to learn about you how you came
to be the person you are.

Welcome to Miographies
Moe Ross
along with her team of editors and graphic artists are the
the premier biography/memoir service